10 Gift Ideas Pocket-Friendly & Thoughtful Gifting

I really enjoy planning gifts for loved ones and even more so when I'm lucky enough to introduce them to something they've never tried before. It is important that we celebrate life and giving and here are some gift ideas to make your friends and fam feel special with some gift items for their homes!

(i) Scented candles: Simple enough & smells great.

source: Flickr

(ii) Potpourri: For the love of petals & spices!

source: Wikimedia

(iii) Potted plants: To add more life to a room.

(iv) Sketches/paintings that you created: This is super creative & very rewarding.

source: Wikimedia

(v) Framed photograph of the two of you: Because you can & you gotta!

(vi) Useful and chic kitchenware: Now who wouldn't wanna receive these?

source: Prcouture

(vii) Books with fancy cover pages & useful content: *coughs* not a promo

In case: - http://www.amazon.in/Healthy-Model-Cookbook-Sarah-Todd/dp/1921384360

(viii) Tapestries: These are great for your artist friends.

Location: Anjuna Flea Market, Goa

(ix) Souvenirs from places you've visited: Because they'd appreciate that trinket you bought all the way from India

Location: Anjuna Flea Market, Goa

(x) Flower vases: For them to display flowers from their gardens!

There are lots many items to gift, remember just one thing, let the gift be a heartfelt one. Have a great day & happy gifting y'all!