Food Presentation Ideas #SarahToddLiving

I really, really enjoy cooking, but I secretly (well, no more a secret) bask in the glory when someone tells me that the food looks inviting!!! There is pleasure in eating good food that looks good right before your eyes as well as on social media. ;) So, here's what you do after preparing your healthy & good-looking dish...

(i) Serve odd numbers of food to make it look more interesting, for example, chicken, shrimp or veggies on skewers and the like.


(ii) Have differently textured food in the plate, for example, curries, crunchy veggies, rotis, rice and so on..


(iii) The food in the plate need not be placed in an orderly/symmetric manner, this helps add that authentic food from mama's kitchen feel!


(iv) Do not overload the plate or leave it looking half empty; we always devour food with our eyes first so let it be just the right amount!


(v) Leave the outer part of the plate (edge) blank/clean in order to add to the presentation and to show off your brand new plates.


(vi) Have a contrast of colours in the plate just as with the textures!


(vii) Portions of food should be uniformly served if and wherever possible.


(viii) Serve the sauces separately so as to avoid messy plates.


(ix) And lastly, sprinkle generous amounts of love!!!