Simple Ideas For Decorating Your Kitchen #SarahToddLiving

A kitchen, to me, is the heart of a home and here's a bit of what I do to keep mine pumped and pleasant: -

(i) Greens in the kitchen - have potted plants or a mini garden as they add a tonne of life to the kitchen; fresh fruits or veggies on display also work


(ii) The highly recommended A, B & C (aka Airy, Bright & Cyan) - leave the windows open whenever possible, let the sunlight in & have a tinge of cyan somewhere because I wanted to get the C in there😋 


(iii) Play with the pastels - try pastel coloured kitchenware before jumping onto pastel coloured cabinets or kitchen walls; that way you'll know what colours you really prefer

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I hope these points have given you a rough idea of what you need to get working on in your kitchen and let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions or ideas on how-to-decorate-your-kitchen! Here's to making it count!😁